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I've checked and replaced fuses. Now it seems to only turn on when the engine has warmed up, otherwise it will be off when I haven't driven it for about 2-3 hours. What could be causing it to still turn on?
It shakes/shudders/vibrates when I put my foot on the accelerator. Sometimes it will last a while other times only for a couple of seconds. What would be the best option to go about fixing this? I am also in new zeland
Need harmonic balancer replaced
been out in odyssey all day stop at shop put transmission in park left engine running we i put transmission into drive to leave shop my engine just stopped . plenty gas and good battery but engine will turn but wont fire. battery had to be replace due to going flat trying to start the engine not sure if it fuel blockage or no spark.engine wind over good just not firing
My ignition switch is not on the column, it is in the dash, When I turn the key, there is no electricity. The Battery is good and connected, so I believe it is the ignition switch. I need to know how I go about removing it from the dash.
car was not running hot but went to pour water into radiator an it was leaking outs bottom side of the motor thought is was the hose it wasnt just at bottom of engine can it be busted water pump???
Pliz tell me in detail how can I repair the speedometer of my Honda odessey RA1.
while driving everything goes off.i have to start again,i try without a/c, still same,
It happens most of the time in the morning when the engine is first switch on and on the motion.
what can i do when it blinks light on d and doese not move fast at the initial t5akeoff?//
it doese not move at the initial takeoff, and move fast latter
part numbers
H748546 right rear hub kay $600,
B47588 right rear bar kay $110,
labor $475,
G6854745 shocks right rear $335
misc. & alignment $85
all times two, since left side also needs this.Total ~$3300
Already put new tires and new timing belt in Feb.
Wife loves this squeaks underneath getting in/out, riding over bumbs
I changed the 7.5 amp fuse evan though it was good. I ran a jumper wire to the compressor from the positve battery post and the compressor engaged, I swapped out relays (they were from a junked car, but I did 3 seperate relays), and I switched out the swith panal in the inside. Is there something I am missing??
my speedometer dosent work and the cruise cntrl went out at the same time
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