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At first I had assumed it was a flat battery as it had a clicking noise while I had switched the engine on so then I had used the neighbours car to jump start it it was OK then 2 to 4weeks later I had left the car off and brought a new battery after that I installed the new battery and now it just makes a rooming noise like its almost trying to start up.
Checked out the battery, distributor coil, ICM, CPS, distributor cap, rotor, Main ECM, all fuses. No flashing codes via jumped connector. Cannot hear the fuel pump come on. Spark at distributor coil but not at any spark plug, all grounds connected. What would cause the coil to have power but no spark to the plugs and no fuel pump activation?
When its start straight it not but to put brake cleaner to the throttle its start,,compression good,,distributor is good,,I just change the fuel pump its still the same
Rebuilt transmission, new solonoids, checked all connections.
Light will not go off And the gears lock up. Would the tranny computer cause this kind of issue?
Changed plugs & wires because of misfire & sputtering. Ran good a few days but now it doesn't want to start n misfires. Only one wire is loose(old one was loose & new one is loose). How do we make it tight.
The vibration occurs at any speed and the banging is a hard metal sound. It's so bad that it sounds like the right front tire will fall off. This noise only occurs when turning left or bearing left on the road. These problems don't change no matter what speed I'm going. I'm afraid to drive it anymore. HELP!!
when i start the car it runs fine but when it comes to temperature it starts to shake and vibrate especially when standing still and when accelerating,,
No diagnostic code found when checked out. Distributor did need replacement, but problem still exists. Hesitates one time and then stalls when stopped at a light or when driving. Starts up again after a few minutes and then drives again.
I have jumped strait to a ground and A/C will work that way, it will turn on. So I don't know what to make of it.
My 95 honda odyssey wont start notice it was not wanting to start for a couple weeks but always ended up turning over i backed out of my drive way put it in drive and then the lights went dim for a second and my van turned off battery still works but van dont want to turn over.
had major engine overhaul done... oil light turns on after i drive it for hour or two.. replaced sending unit.. thinking pickup screen??
The car drove fine for 8 miles, we parked, and when we came back out, terrible grinding and other noises.
my speed sensor went out and the diagnostic test came up with the MLP or Manual Lever Position Sensor, OR position sensor assembly. apparently it has a billion names.

car started to shift funny, and i need to fix it for a road trip.

Does anyone know what this piece is and what the part number for it is? i cant buy it till i find it and i cant seem to find it.
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