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Q: Honda odyssey 114K miles cataletic convertor? on 2000 Honda Odyssey

Every time I go to a certain gas station....always the one check engine light comes on after getting gas .......mechanics checked code cleared it like the third time this has happened.. today went back for check engine light to get mechanic say code for catalytic convertor shows up.....114K ???? They didn't tell me the code #

Thanks for any help
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catalyst efficiency below threshold,look for physical damage on the bottom of the converters. Physical damage,excessive misfire events,stuck open injectors will cause catalytic converters to go bad. If you get the code for catalyst efficiency below threshold it's pretty much a done deal for the converters,you just have to make sure you know and correct the root cause.
There has been no misfiring.. I bought it at 109K I drive a lot with my job...should I get a 2nd opinion if and when the check engine light comes on again? I've ruled out which gas station's attendant doesn't put gas cap on I posted. Was hoping for something a lot less expensive L O L

Thanks for your reply!
you can get a second opinion but In my 20 years exp. when I get that code it's a done deal,sorry
On the advise of a male friend..I did go to Auto Zone and asked them to read the codes.....PO 705
(Honda code I think) Short in transmission 661 short circuit condition 662 Faulty transmission
range switch I believe I read about a recall for trans, for this year 2000 odyssey.

Emmission control system leak detected: 661 loose fuel cap 662 vapor canister saturated 663 failed vent solenoid 664 failed purge solenoid

Catalyst system effenciy below threshold bank 2
661 A/F ratio concern
662 Air leak near HO2S bank 2
663 Ignition system concern
664 Faulty catalytic converter

So, my question is....shouldn't the other "probable causes" be ruled out before spending $$$$$$ on
something it "might" not be

Thanks for any input........
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