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Hey so I was driving to work in a snow storm and my vsa, abs and power system Light came on any idea what it could be
rejected for emission when you stop at light it will hesitate and don't want to move for a few seconds then it jump in to gear.
my 2012 Honda Insight heating system at 75 degrees will blow cold air. At 78 I will get heat and 85/high I will have hot heat. Any suggestions on this one?
My 2012 Insight along with may others appears to be consuming oil at an alarming rate and the "Check Emissions System light has come on. The car has 61,000 miles. Could this be covered by the California 10 year 150,000 warranty for emissions since my car is a CARB certified PZEV? I also have read that Honda is aware of this issue and may be issuing a recall? Any news on that?
I have a 2008 Honda Accord Sedan with 47,000 miles. I have read online that this seems to be an issue and the ABS Modulator needs replaced at costs of $1000-$1500. Also VSA controle module may need replaced as well and that costs additional. Spoke to Honda and this item is a recall on other 2008 Honda's but not my VIN #. Parts were faulty from the mfg. Does anyone know what the life expectancy is on either of these modules? Can anyone advise me on what I can do/say to Honda to get them to recognize I too have a defective mfg. part and they should replace it?
Car has around 60k on it. Bought it last month. Dealer claimed everything had been tuned up. The other day the oil light came on, checked the oil and there was ZERO in it. Added oil, could not find an oil leak. Flashforward to this past weekend and my car began to die up a hill. Started just limping along, unresponsive to engine revving. VSA, ABS, and Emission system light came on. Check Engine light was on the other day, with oil light, but then went off. Had towed to dealer. Dealer says a spark plug was broken off, wants to replace that with a Full Tune-up. $375.00. We can't afford that right now.... Wondering what's going on?? I mean, the dealer just sold us the car. Why would it already need another tune up? AND I'm very capable of doing the Tune-up myself. Should I just do it myself and then take it back to the dealer? Thanks for any insight.
Recently I had a problem where ABS, Brake System and VSA lights turned on but after check at dealership found out that due to low battery bcoz of no use for a month car had electronic system failure so they reset the system but since then mileage of my car has dropped significantly from being 51 to around 33 also I am feeling sluggishness in the pickup. Any advice guys what could be causing this problem car has 8500 miles on it and I drive around 10miles a day only
Until few days back everything was fine and I move to California from chicago leaving my car there for few days while it gets picked up by transport company. When transport company came to pick up my car it did not start and ABS, Brake System and VSA lights turned on(Not a fault of transport company as my friend was there when this problem started). So they started my car using jumper cable and dropped it here but this time car started without jumper but brake light and other lights are still on
Car is driven 7000 miles with service done few months back.
Please advice what can I do and cheapest way of getting it fixed through dealer
this is first time when I am gonna take my car for service is it good to take at any service center or should I take it to dealer? And how much will it cost, there is no damage what so ever to my car?
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