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Please assist...I have a Honda insight 2010...recently the car stalls abruptly when driving, then takes a while to start....when on parking mode the car starts but can't stay long, it raves then the engine stop after a while....

I have changed the fuel pump, the fuel noozles, the cvtf transmission oil, change the battery, did a computer diagnosis BUT none of this helps...the problem still not solved.


Does anyone have any advice for me as to what this could be? VSA, ABS, and Brake System warning lights are coming on and off at random. I also notice that while the lights are on my Idle Auto stop does not work. I went this weekend to my Honda dealership while the warning lights were on to get an evaluation, and the evaluation came up with "motor stuck" as the response. The said I needed to replace the ABS module. I declined the service bc it was over $2200 for the part alone. I read on another forum with a Ridgeline that it was a battery issue and not related to the brake system at all. Any advice? I'm a single mom and don't want to be ripped off.
Is the hybrid system the problem
This is the first summer I drive with a Honda Insight and I noticed the AC stops working while the car does not move. Why does it happen? Any connection to the ECO button?
$1800 for full tune up at 100,000 miles was told if belt breaks engine would be gone
Insight is not new. I'm the 2nd owner. Insight had 1 oil change, front tires changed to new, a 'software update' recall was made already and car was financed to me with about 54,000+ miles on it.

No issues with the car to now and this would be the first looooooggg road trip with this car for me.
a135 code, 2000 miles overdue
How do I find more information and troubleshoot the problem? Is it possible to diagnose the problems without going to a dealership?
Checked fuel cap, it fine.. battery does not seem to be charging, any ideas?
Problem just started today, car seems to be running fine..
73000K miles, original owner..
My car was driven into at the front. (Reversed into) at around 22 miles an hour. Ever since the accident the car has been juddering when on inclines and at low revs. It also has issues when u put ur foot on the brake and declerate, most noticeable when u take ur foot off the brake and let it free will a bit,the rev counter goes up and then down where the car is changing gear which make the car judder. The car was topped up with the wrong cvt oil also so that was drained,flushed andnew oil put in. The garage is most unhelpful and has said that is normal and I feel like I'm powerless. Stuck with a faulty car not of my own making.
Can hear faint clicks when button is moved up & down. Fuse is ok. Is this a bad master switch motor?
The headlights were left on over night and the car wouldn't start the next morning. Replaced the battery and car won't start. The locks don't work and no lights turn on inside. Also, gearshift is locked in place. Help.
Dear Sir

My Honda insight 2010 had an accident. I changed the air bags, seat be
2010 honda insight 8045 miles on the odometer
check engine light on.
dealer repaired leak coming from evaporation system and replaced valve. system reset.
next day, check engine light on,
same defect shown.system reset, next day, check light is back on, going back tomorrow monday
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