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Two months ago the IMA battery light came on. When I took it to the dealer to be checked they said it was no longer working and was no longer under warranty and I was not going to spend the thousands of $$ for a new battery. It had already been replaced twice. Then the regular battery died a few weeks later. I took the regular battery in and was told it was good. My neighbor replaced the regular battery and had mentioned that he noticed it had not been installed properly. Then the IMA battery started working again. Today, the 'check engine light' came on and the car
seems to be running a bit sluggishly. I have 62K miles on
the car. Before I take it in to the dealer again (since I'm not so sure I can trust them since they told me the IMA battery was not working when it did start working again). Any ideas on what's going on?
why is my ima light continually on plus my check engine light as well.
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