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Thanks...I checked my vehicle.scan also not computer box damaged.i change it and my mechanic said that the issue is now in the battery converter please explain.
Thank you for the answer
But still it was not fixed.It's now started but after 2 minutes stop.
My mechanic said that the issue is now in battery converter unit and he has to remove the engine to check it.please explain.Is it a big issue if I change battery conv unit
I was drive abt 250 km and day morning when I tried to start.but its won't start.I checked my battery it was good yet.60000 mileage and in the screen it was appeared as battery issue.please explain why it want start and give me a solution.this is auto vehicle.
Cracked 1 year ago, too damaged to repair
I can't find it near my radio
My car has 38,000 miles.
I don't know if I got an old battery when I bought it, the security system eats up the juice when parked, or I don't drive it enough, but, if I leave it parked for two weeks or more, I must charge the battery to get the car started. It is an awful small battery. Does anyone else have this problem?
Needed one new tire. Believed I needed alignment as well. 2013 Honda Fit, 10 months old, 7400 miles. Rhode Island. Cost for tire? Cost for alignment? My friend is certain I was ripped off, just trying to find out more. Thanks.
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