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I've been unable to find any damp spots or any signs of mildew
My headlight glass is smoggy and kind of yellowish
I think it might be related to my removed heat shield
What is the size of brake discs for Honda FIT 1.5 Sport?
Had spark plugs replaced in December 2014, but just had them re-torqued at an auto shop. After "check engine" light came on, the shop charged me $400 for diagnostic, one replaced ignition coil, and torquing the spark plugs. Seemed a bit steep. The coil itself was 162.05.
Just happened yesterday. took to dealer. price was 1653.47 for the converter is this ok?
what is the cost to replace the fuel tank? I just ran into a pole in front of rt. front fog light, and a liquid smelling like gas was flowing out all around. I still drove it 2 miles home. Was that the fuel tank that ruptured?

The problem came out after first two years later.
And how do you replace it.
Passenger Side Wiper Stopped working $ Seems Loose.
After a rain storm at rear of sunroof and down to right ride pillar.
on 11/05/10,at 153k miles,by Honda dealer for the same problems. New spark plugs replaced, 2 ignition coils replaced, intake and exhaust valves adjusted, v-tech switch replaced. Costed me 1024.80, running good for 2-3 weeks, I started to feel the stalling again. I drive slower and accelerate slowly, then less stalling.I 'm afraid to bring back to the dealer. Please advice. Thanks.
Had my 07' since 06', bought it when they just came out. I feel like my gas disappears a lot faster these days. Is that just the ethanol or do I need a flush or cleaning?
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