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How long have you had this problem? a week
When I come to complete stop and then accelerate it jerks a little and I feel slight rumble under front of car
Could this be the cause of a bad ground?
Is it difficult
I accidentally backed in to my brother in law's Element and cracked the bumper around the license plate bolts. Want to know how much to send him to get it repaired.
I have a 2007 Honda Element that we bought two years ago off a honda used car lot. Yesterday I was driving and hit a speed bump and the gage needles for the tach and speedometer fell off. I read that this was covered by Honda for it is a defect in this years Element. What I found out was they discontinued this December 2010 for no reason. They now want me to pay hundreds of dollars for a new gage cluster even though the orginal was shipped with this defect. I am still trying to get them to admit that this defect does not go away with time but gets worse. They said I should of gotten a notice on this but I never got that notice or any other for the HONDA dealer never signed us up for it. Thay truly are not ethical in their repair practice and if they do not fix on their dime I will NEVER buy a car from Honda again.
After a while with groaning noises from differential, Honda finally replaced it. How often should it be changed now?
how do you adjust headlights 07 element
Hi: My daughter has a honda element 07 and she call me saying that she was driving and when she notice the 3 gauges needles fell off at the same time. How that happen?. I don`t want to take it to the dealer because they are going to charge me alot. Can I fix this my self?. how can I take the front cover of the gauges out?. Thank you...! for your time.
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