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Initially the radiator had a crake in it and was replaced. After being replaced the 2006 Honda Element was still overheating. Changed out the thermostat today and it didn't change anything. Noticed a small leak and also when driving my power steering turned off. Please assist in diognosing.
Then goes away after awhile
honda replaced the blender motor and found the blend door is binding. They say entree heater bow needs to be replaced. Thoughts and cost?
When I turn on the car the tapping noise starts. It never really goes away. It gets faster when a hit the gas and quiet when I take my foot off the gas. I have had the oil changed every 6 months since I got the car and just had the oil changed 2 weeks ago.I bought the car brand new. A former Honda mechanic I know told me its "NORMAL" and because I have a V Tec engine but that just doesn't make sense. I always had the V TEC engine HELP
This happen when driving 35-45 mph on flat road and even on a very slight hill. Seems to be getting more frequent 4 to 5 times per short (>5 miles) trip, more on longer rides.
seems to be front end sound, mechanic A)doesn't hear sound, B) replaced a bunch of stuff for 1000$ and its better but still makes sound occasionally
I drive a 2006 Honda Element, 5-speed. I am diligent w/ maintenance.
In December 2013, my engine light went on. I didn't delay, and took it to the local Firestone. The diagnosis was I needed a new ignition coil (never said which one, and it's not on the receipt) and new spark plugs and wires. I agreed, and paid around $420.
In February 2014, my engine light came back on. Returned to the same Firestone, and was told another ignition coil needed to be replaced. I paid $284 for that job. No mention of which coil and again, the receipt does not specify which coil was replaced. Just lists "ignition coil."
March 16, my engine light is back on. Now, frustrated and suspicious, I go to the local AutoZone for a scan code. P0303, misfired cylinder. I asked the AutoZone service rep if he would look under the hood to see which of the two ignition coils were replaced, so I could determine if the misfire was coming from one of the new coils I just had installed by Firestone.
The current P0303 misfire is coming from a replaced coil. But that is not the worst part. The AutoZone service rep said he did not see any evidence of a second newly replaced ignition coil. He said based on his observations, that there was only ONE new coil.
I did not have my Firestone receipts with me. The AutoZone rep said to bring the receipts to him this week, so that he could help me prepare my Firestone recourse.
How could it be proven that Firestone never installed a second coil? I have two receipts for two service jobs, each one for a new ignition coil. What do I do? I'm so mad and upset. I don't have a lot of money, nor do I have a lot of time, as I'm a full-time student who also works full-time.
Any help or feedback is appreciated.
everytime i fillup my vehicle on get maybe 240 miles per tank on the hwy.
Brought '06 Element in for 90,000mi maintenance. They advised there are "torn bushings" and "it is a safety issue" so need to be replaced. The cost is $625.95, plus $99.95 for brake fluid, and $109.95 for power steering fluid. I must have purchased a limited warranty because these items are not covered under the contract. Yikes, $835.95 and just when I was leaving on vacation . . . sigh!
every time we leave the drive way. There are no other problems. we are changing the rear diff fluid, but I am not sure that will fix the issue because the noise is coming from the front of the vehicle. It seems to be right under the driver's side front wheel. It is not noticed while accelerating such as leaving a stop sign to make a turn in either direction.
Thanks for any help!
Car wont start. Battery is good fuses are good it wont turn over and none of the electric works. The day it went dead it started right up. I stopped to get gas and it started up fine again and then would not start after i parked it later that day. Had the battery tested and its good, I checked the fuses that seemed relevant like the battery and starter. They all looked good as well. Not sure where else to go from here and i would like to avoid a tow and lots of repair bills.
He obviously doesn't have a crystal ball and may not be able to tell me which components will fail and when, but just what can he look for that may cause me to decide not to buy the car?
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