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red door signs, and tailgate light also
It just the car radio problem
ticking or clicking noise in unison with the engine that will quiet down somewhat after I drive for a while. is this a concern that I should have? my car has 145,000 on it.
I only own one key. The steering wheel is not locked and it is in park.

Maybe the rear differential? It goes away once I'm holding a consistent speed. No problems turning.
05 Element
Opened up panel and motor was very hot. Unable to manually pull window to close. Had to remove it from regulator then get creative to hold window in place till I can trouble shoot.
Found motor/regulator cheap. Window switch as well.
Will add a tester to my Mommy tool box to check power n ground.
The excessive heat concerns me.
Any thoughts or info??
At 1st it barely turned over and then went completely dead after 5 tries. Tried jump starting but turns out the battery is fine (it's 2 mo. old). Rarely has it been slow to start and only once has it not started at all...thus the new battery. I have a feeling the dealer would love to replace the starter but sounds like this may not be the problem from the previous questions. Any suggestions??
2005 Honda Element, when I hit small bumps such as a sewer drain or small bumps in the road, the front right side seems to make a loud Klink sound. I have replaced lower and upper ball joints on both front of the car. When traveling at higher speeds 55-65 the front right side tire seems like it shakes a lot more then needed. If I were going up hill at the same speed the front right side feels as it's more dragging along. Any suggestions?
When I hit small bumps i hear a clicking noise. It doesnt matter if I`m turning,the Steering seems fine..not loose..Ball joints, struts, swaybar? Perhaps other or all of the above..lack of front differential oil change...any feedback is wonderful...Thanks in advance.
Switch is set for light to turn on when doors are ajar. Have to tap the dome light when switched to the "on" button. Sometimes light will come on but sometimes it won't. The light in the back works fine.
When my a/c is on I hear a loud squealing, lose acceleration, and smell something electrical... I took out the a/c fuse so that I could drive it, but it's SO HOT now and I need to fix it! Is it necessarily the compressor? Can I fix it myself? Has anyone else had this problem, and if so how much did the repair cost?
2005 Honda Element EX. Automatic FWD. 125,000 miles

In the mornings, and sometimes afternoons if it hasn't been driven yet, the car will stall at stop signs. After initial stall, engine is okay. Idle hovers around 500 instead of 1000.
when I drive on a highway there is a noise like a whistle I was trying to fix the wiper but nothing because I remove it but no benefit. This noise begin to disappear when I used the glass water but after 5 min it return back.
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