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'04 one owner, Full synthetic high mileage oil changes regularly, new air-conditioner, just had her tuned up.

my car is making a clunking sound when driving. was told its the rack & pinion? what is this and what will it cost to fix?

and car wont start, keep trying and still get the buzzing noise and eventually it will start. Was told it could be clutch sensor is this true

When I accelerate from a stop (e.g. at a Green light) there is hesitation and the engine sounds like it is going into "turbo charge" and then returns to normal engine noise. This noise does NOT occur when accelerating rapidly when car is moving. "Mechanic" replaced LAF sensor however it is not resolved. Request EXPERT, QUALIFIED response PLEASE. TY.

I have changed the resistor, blower, checked all the relays, the compressor is fine and it has gas, even changed thecontrol panel inside and nothing. I turn the car on, turn the AC and you can hear the it turn on for about 3 seconds and just shuts off. What could it be?

Alternator tested good on bench test. Ground connections are good. Battery is new and charged. Electronic load detector in underhood fuse box is new. All fuses are good. Inside and outside fuse box.

I just replaced the struts all 4 but still the noise when going over bumps like something lose almost like the wheel lugs are lose.

It is in the fender

Never mind -- nail in tire :-(

1st time hearing it today when I drove in my garage. I checked on it 45 minutes later & it had stopped.

Door will unlock with the key and the other 2 doors will open with the unlock button on the inside of the driver door

It has freon, but comes out hot?