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Can Repair Pal fix my 2003 Honda Element with these codes 420,172,300,301,302,303,&304?
My 2003 Honda Element has been on Non-Op due to breaking down. I have taken it to 2 shops. and they gave me these codes P401 P175 and the Check Engine light is on. I would like to know whats wrong with it?
slow acceleration minimal vibration quick acceleration excessive vibration causes front end to vibrate
Can you tell me a way to bypass the code for my radio Honda Element 2003
I am in the market for a used car. Preferrably sold by owner and I don't have a lot of money. I find cars that I can afford but the mileage is always extremely high. My options at this point is a:
2003 Honda Element with 174,000 miles OR
2007 Dodge Caliber with 106,000 miles. I hear Hondas can go well beyond 200,000 miles with ease which is why I even looked at that one. But I haven't heard much about the Caliber. Any thoughts/suggestions/recommendations? Thanks in advance.
I replaced starter ignition switch & ignition relays. Still making buzzing noise after driving for 5 minutes, then quits.
I have just purchased a honda element and there is no check engine light. I changed the oil, and still its eating gas. The req maintance light is on.
I have a 2003 honda number is 5j6yh18573l016145.I need the code to unlock my radio cause it keeps saying error
car bogs down when accelerating as if it isnt getting enough gas,check engine lite flashes during acceleration I have had the transmission fluid replaced a few times now and the shuddering is still happening. Same symptoms: car shudders at around 25-40mph, low rpms. Strangely enough, this is now happening with my folks CRV that is only 2 years old. Their car is doing the EXACT same thing.

Is there something going on with Honda transmissions?

What do I do next?


Thanks for your help!

So anyway... i have a Honda element 03, w/ 147000 mil starting burning oil after the 110000 service ( which I did a bit after that at 140000) immediately after the service I started smelling oil through the vent ( cabin) . I noticed a quart low after three thousand miles... I thought it was the oil pressure sensor and so did the dealer, it cost a lot of money because I was sure that the oil was dripping on the exhaust and burning. And did ask the dealer to check the valve cover gasket to see if that was okay I'm at parently that was ok too. I don't see any oil on the ground.

any ideas?

When I stop at a light it feels like the car is riveting as if in a race but with my foot on the brake. Someone told me it was a hose that got clogged because it had not been driven for several years.
The lights and radio come on. When I turn the key it sounds like it wants to start but it doesn't "catch" and start the motor. I've never replaced the starter, does this sound like a starter problem?
good signal from under dash fuse box and at c105 connector
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