2016 Honda CR-V Questions

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When opening garage door
Does the car unlock when the key fob is near the car only or do you also have to touch the door handle?
It's just that the oil change indicator light comes on sooner than the book says the oil needs to be changed (7500-1000 miles). City driving, 12,300 miles on car. First oil change, it came on at 5000 miles, 15% left...That would make it a lot more frequent than 7500-10000. Also, how long can the car be driven after it says 0% (but it has been only 7000 miles since last oil change)? Is this just a way to get me to bring my car in more frequently for an oil change.ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is wrong with the car!
Honda Vezel Hybrid Just not starting when power of the Park Drive Neutral & Reverse light just keeps flashing. And its not going into any of the commands.
At what mileage should I change my cabin air filter
is towing capacity the same with awd
fans work fine. no hot air, no cold air respectively
Regardless of how long the car motor runs the temp inside the car will not rise until I have driven 5 or 10 minutes. Frost and ice melt on the windows, but the temp never rises in the car.
checks indicates that the AC lines, compressor, no refrigerant leaks,and every components are working perfectly. there is no gas leakage. the thermostat and pressure sensors are functioning well. the dashboard controls are also working perfectly. this is a flood vehicle i just purchased
I have 2016 Honda crv. Dealer says I need to change oil every 5000 miles or it voids the warranty.
Is this a scare tactic or is it true
Had the flashers on for about 30 minutes. Came out and battery dead, car wouldn't start. Had to jump it
Have had my car (2016 CRV LX with few bells and whistles) one day so there's a lot I don't know yet. It's almost 10PM. I just went out to the car and there's a red light on. It's the same light that's green when I turn on the car. Is it supposed to stay on all the time? Or, have I left something on. Will it drain my battery. Yes, I'm a little old lady who doesn't know about those things. But, I don't want a dead battery in the morning.
have let gas go empty twice and indicator light did not go on; let oil go down past time to get replaced and didn't go on; Fuses were checked and all were fine.
A "clunking" noise is coming from the front suspension, passenger side, when I drive slowing over cobblestone roads. Before I take it to the dealer, what could be the possible problems causing this loud noise. I would rather tell the dealer what the cause may be - instead of relying on them.
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