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2015 CRV least expensive model, screen suddenly stopped showing radio station . Screen now shows what direction I'm driving and that's it. Back up camera works and it tells me my cell phone is connected.
Thank you.
I want to upgrade Honda 2015 CRV EXL Adding navigation system. Is this Possible? Potential Cost ? Must I use Honda party or is a generic part available?
I'm very concern about the vibration issues from former satisfied but now dissatisfied customers of 2015 Honda CRV. The vehicle in question is showing a couple of vibration and drivability/reliability reports on carfax. Should I stay away from this vehicle?
This information was synchronized to a tiny indented window above the large screen which has radio and navigation information. I deleted the information from the tiny indented screen in error. All it shows is the time and not the mpg. How do I reprogram this?
I've had 3 CR-V's (2000, '08 and '15) Loved the first 2 but the '15 is vibrating constantly. Repair said it was a design flaw and fixed it but the problem then moved from idle to acceleration and I'm back in for repair with the caution that it will decrease my mileage!
What can I do when my 2015 srs light would not go off and it took 30 days to fix because the dealership was not able to determine the cause and had to get Honda engineers involved. The end result was the replacement of the srs system. The vehicle was in an accident but it was determined that the problem was not related to the accident. Honda said that it was covered with the warranty but what does that mean for me?
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