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My mpg and range numbers no longer appear on my Navi screen. They are just blank. The screen is still on, just no numbers. What is the problem? Also, my compass indicator no longer appears.
I have a 2013 Honda crv. I want to remove the trim above the rear licence plate, so I can access the back up camera. How do I do that?
I have had this car since is was brand new. It has approximately 56,600 miles on it. All regular servicing has been done. For two days after driving home from work (45 minute freeway drive at between 40 - 65 mph), I noticed that when I turned off my car and got out to go into my house, the car smelled like something was overheating or burning (on outside of car--couldn't smell it inside car). I checked fluid levels under the hood, and all was well. Day 3, I got into my car to go to work and neither the heater nor defroster work any more. Any suggestions as to what could possibly be wrong, and about how much I should expect it to cost? Called a local Honda dealer, and after asking me a few questions, they said to expect about $1,500 to repair it, but didn't specify exactly what they think is wrong with the car. I don't have that kind of cash.Anything this senior citizen can do to track down the problem and how many $ I will ultimately need for repair?Will I do more damage driving it?
Vehicle inspection station flunked my CRV and said that the high mount third brake light in the rear had a clear plastic cover and this should be red and not clear. Understand that this assembly has an LED bulb strip which contains bulbs that emit a red light. Is this correct ? CRV is 2013.
Will not start, no interment panel lights, battery measures 11.7v, Tried to jump it and still nothing! Totally dead, no panel lights or interior lights. Horn works!
Just want to know if I have to remove the rear passenger wheel to allow replacement of intermediate half shaft bearing.
Every morning when i start my 2013 CRV engine , it makes an embarrassing loud rattling noise, and i searched online about it and i found out that it needed a VTC valve replacement. I want to confirm if thats the remedy for it and please give me qoute. thanks!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? starting Engine cold
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
AWD light comes on. Sensor was change. My mechanic says I need a new rear end.
Lights are working. Just hear a clicking noise.
New battery installed because car would not start two days later started car and all warning dash lights came on and stayed on. Why?
The dealer will only replace the transmission, but I am not happy, and want the car replaced.
The replacement is a difficult operation, and I fear being left with a Lemon.
Can you advise me, what I should do to insist that a vehicle this new should be replaced
The dealer checked the car out & agreed that there is a rumble, they re-balanced the tires, but no real change. They suggested that I put in a better gas, which I've done, but still no change. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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