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On the driver's side dash display, it usually displays the mileage and the temp and the avg mpg. After filling up one time recently, the display changed to show 'oil life 60%'. I cannot get it to return to the original display.
I have already tried everything the owners manual says to do to reset the display.
P0326 error code.replacing the knocksensor.but check light don't go.
When it won’t start it acts like he battery is low. Once boosted it will function just fine for a couple weeks and then won’t start again. This is a daily driven vehicle. It only has to be boosted once and then starts fine for the next couple weeks.
Should I buy a used 2012 Honda CRV with around 90,000 to 140,000? What are large cost potential repairs with this kind of mileafe?
AWD amber light came on, not illuminate on the next trip.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? not affect on driving
How long have you had this problem? just happened today
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my dashboard reads B2 and also -13 and -89
that problem start on 2015
How long do brakes usually last
I had the car back at the dealers twice and each time they tried it the tailgate opened.The next day it did not work.
why can't you answer this question?
I know there is a lot of electrical uses in this car, but the charging system is poorly designed if I need to drive 45 minutes to charge it. I am retired and try not to drive for all kinds of reasons. Any one else have this problem?
I have put pedal to the metal and nothing. It is a 4cylinder. Is this because it is a 4 c . Does anyone know if this has been noted as a problem with the Honda CRV?
After driving for a few minutes , problem does not recur.
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