2009 Honda CR-V Questions

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Heater blows cold on drive side
we can hear and feel a slight vibration when the ac compressor is switched on , and the vibration stops the when compressor is off
Is anyone aware of a connection during repair / replacement of inflator on airbag recall to the car air conditioning?
AC worked yesterday am, but only blew hot air in afternoon.
Everytime i drive
just need general idea of the time involved to calculate labour cost..i live in Toronto, Canada...
Honda service department has changed their maintenance schedule for the 2009 CRV and it does not specify when the spark plugs need to be changed. The previous schedule noted that they were to be changed at 90K. The new schedule does not state when they are to be changed.
I bought this car brand new, seems a little soon for new wheel bearings at 57500 miles.
regassing the diagnosis report said an open in tha pressure sensor circuit. Where is the sensor located and is it a big job to replace
Checked fuses and bulbs are Ok, rear top light works but stop lights don't.
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