2008 Honda CR-V Questions

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Climate control stuck
After driving car smells hot as if overheated but it has never overheated and the gauge never even reaches the half way point.
Shakes while idle, but only when the A/C or Heat are blowing. The shaking isn't terrible now but I feel like it might get worse if not dealt with.
off gas. AWD. Front axles new. tires new. Honda dealer wants to sell me the kitchen sink. Ant body have a AWD dyno?
When the lights are off the display is the normal brightness.
When should you change the axle seals
please advice. Thank you
using manual lever requires second person outside
Voltage to all locks is good
High beam works fine...
labor cost for rear struts
cost of labor to replace struts
My old compressor was less than 3 years old. I paid 975 to replace it in 2012. I had a freon problem last year got that repaired.....and it started blowing warmish air this week and my new shop said it was probably a rebuilt compressor. they quoted me $965 for the new one with new condenser and labor its $1895. and then another $275 for refrigerant service kits and schrader valve and labor. $2170 to get it repaired at Hagins automotive in Martinez, CA They do good work but am I get a bad deal?? Thank U
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