2008 Honda CR-V Questions

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We took it to the dealership to be serviced. They did the cooling system service. A week later it lost all fluids and they said the hoses were rotted. If it goes thru regular service why did this happen
My CRV has 160,000 miles, should I automatically replace brake rotors? I have never replace the brake pads but they get checked every time my tires are rotated. Should I replace the rotors with the brake pads? There have been no brake issues.
I took old one out and got a new one but does not click in
1) My car jerking or choking when accelerating from 1st gear to 2nd gear and its give a push. I can feel it and it happens all the time from stop position.
2) Weird sound in the dashboard when on the air-cond. If off the air cond - no sound.
My A/C works great, when braking or coasting. However, when the accelerator is engaged, even the slightest bit, it just blows, no cold air.
Water pump seized and engined overheated. Stopped the car and got it towed. After replacing water pump the car did start but I noticed funny noise which I thought was from the serpentine belt and I switched off the engine after 5 minutes or so. When trying to start it again it would not till the battery died.
It stalls intermittently
Climate control stuck
After driving car smells hot as if overheated but it has never overheated and the gauge never even reaches the half way point.
Shakes while idle, but only when the A/C or Heat are blowing. The shaking isn't terrible now but I feel like it might get worse if not dealt with.
off gas. AWD. Front axles new. tires new. Honda dealer wants to sell me the kitchen sink. Ant body have a AWD dyno?
When the lights are off the display is the normal brightness.
When should you change the axle seals
please advice. Thank you
using manual lever requires second person outside
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