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a/c blower works fine without compressor working, it stops when the compressor starts
First start of the day, VSA and pyramid with exclamation point come on. If I restart after 3-4 minutes, they go out and stay out until next day. Or, if the car has been sitting 8-10 hours (at work), they will come on again. I can turn off the car and restart and they go out. Does not seem to affect performance. What does this mean?
One day was working fine. Next day hot air was blowing
How long have you had this problem? 5 or 6 days
I need help getting it to fully extend.
once reaching 20 mph seems to go ok
I had the compressor and vent replaced at dealer 10 months ago. On family trip, have AAA take car to local Honda dealer, not the same who replaced it as we were out of state. They say that it's the compressor clutch serp. belt and coil, with cost of $2K. My car didn't have the AC running for nearly a year prior to it being fix (end of summer/me not working). Now dealer says I can't get the car running safely unless I fix the AC compressor and all. How can it not work before and my car run wonderfully, and now it NEEDS to be fix for my car to run? Can't I just have the clutch fixed to get my car running and say screw it to the AC? my windows work fine enough to cool me off. Not pay $2k to fix after spending nearly $2k only 10 months ago for AC unit to be fixed.
Brakes are good (recently done) Clutch has had like a release bearing dry squeal when engaging for a long time. smell is new, only a few days old and no slip in low gears noticeable slip if revved and drop clutch in 6th on slight hill revs increase with slip
How do I fix
When I make sharp turns it sounds like metal on metal grinding. Also when I am breaking or going around a wide curve there's a squealing noise like worn brakes, but it happens rather I'm braking or not.
Level on gauge rises within couple minutes of driving. Oil is full and so is radiator. Running perfectly for 6 1/2 months owned. Thermostat?
What is the name of this belt?
I was driving the other day and the light on the radio went off. No change in power to the vehicle as I was driving it, no dimming of the lights. It was very odd. Could the radio be wearing out? It's just the regular radio, nothing aftermarket, so I can't imagine it being loose or anything.
The fans don't work. How do we get them to working? The air blows cold when going but blows hot when stopped at a light or in idle. Also how do I turn the passenger air bag back on.
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