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Oil is leaking in several areas (i put cardboard under car to see) I took car for repair and they replaced the oil pressure switch and the oil is still leaking from car, $237 for this repair. What other things could it be?
Hi RepairPal community,

My aunt has a Honda CRV, 2005 4 cylinders, automatic, 2.4Liter. For the past several months it has skipped when trying to start it (not like a battery issue but almost like it's not getting enough gas). A mechanic told her that it was the spark plugs. She couldn't afford his quoted price so I changed them for her along with one of her spark plug coils that appeared blacker than the others around the shaft. It seemed to solve the issue for a few weeks without skipping when started, but the issue has now returned. The same mechanic told her it might then need a new head gasket, but again cant afford his price. Can anyone give a suggestion what it might be?

Thank you, thank you thank you.

The rpms will never go over3000 rpm, will run fine at2500 rpm
2005 Honda CR-V failed inspection because of the SRS light. Light came on right after recall for airbag inflators fixed. Code 92-20. I took to dealer and one other Honda repair .Dealer says try the switch if not that need a whole new setup. The other place said need new seatbelt. One owner, no accidents, no passengers have ever been in this car except for a dog. No one Serbs to know anything just guessing at. my expense
car overheats when idling too long, will overheat with AC or Heat on as well, car will cool down if I either turn the car off and let it sit or if I turn off AC and/or heat and drive normal speed. this happens even right after an oil change and all fluids are full/topped off.
precise mileage for replacement car is running great
I can start it but have to take out the clutch to keep it from stalling
97K mileage - My engine ! warning, parking brake, and VSA lights are all on, but we have not been able to identify any issues and the car seems to be running fine.
Only other symptom is the battery seems to drain faster than it should: in summer, 10 days parked = dead battery, in winter, its 3-4 days. Have replaced battery twice. We love the car and would like to hang on to it, but it won't pass inspection at this point. THANK YOU in advance for any assist.
Light came on immediately after leaving garage. Read that I may need to have VSA reset
Dealer says it's the compressor?
All of my cardoors lock/unlock with the driver's side master button except the front passenger door. Anything I might be able to look at before bringing it in and possibly being told it's something very expensive? Thank you in advance for any help.
I do not have a fluid leak just air from around the bottom of master cylinder mounting flange. Is there a gasket between the booster and master cylinder that has failed and needs to be replaced??
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