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Had new starter installed at repair shop. (car is still there). It won't shift out of park. It is not the break light switch or the solenoid. Repair place is stumped. Any ideas? Can get car to turn on and out of park by overriding the shifter with a screw driver in the over ride slot. 2004 Honda crv
I hear noise that sounds like "chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck....." the noise does not die out when the gas paddle is depressed.Also it does not pick up speed when negotiating a mountain or hill.

This problem developed after a mechanic changed the piston rings and replaced the head gasket. The engine head was also refaced at the same time.

I experienced no problems during the first two months but this problem slowly crept in after that. Now the car is grounded and I need to get it fixed.
No noise
Cant get radio back on. Wont show my a code error. Just the time & ive looked up several videos & tried them all. Code is in my glove box & in owners manual
vehicle coughs and sputters when going up an incline, after it gets warm it jerks, is it the TPS
installed a new ignition switch, new battery, starter and alternator good
To get to fourth gear i will need to park and wait for about 10 minutes before moving. Once, i slow down, it will not shift to 4 again. 1,2 and 3 shift normally. pls help
general maint on car done regularly. worried about the 100k mark and the timing needing to be done.
2004 Honda. crv
once in awhile this takes place. All so having a stalling problem too quite frequently.
My tranny stopped shifting out of no where

Missing wire replaced alternator now charges but gass gauge & temperature gauge dont work. Last night my honda wouldnt come out of park. I spent nearly a thousand doallrs on it want to get rid of it.he last 2 mos i think i have a lemon i ju
I replace the compressor and the condenser and I did vaccum for about 30 min. refill the sistem bt when the ambient temperature riches over 90°just stop cooling the pressures are: low side 40,high side are on and the compressor cycling shortly all this in traffic or idle when running at fwy speed cools good..what could be the problem please help if u have any idea...
I have a 04 CRV, 2wd, AT, 4 cyl.

I pulled the radiator a few weeks ago to replace altenator. Got send away for work for a few weeks and finally got around to finishing the job. Putting the radiator back in I connect the two fan connector and the sensor on the radiator. On the bottom of the pigtail where the connector that goes into the radiator is another connection and I can not find where the hell that connects to. cant remember when i took it out if it connected to something or if it was hanging.

Any help?
need a 04 honda crv knock sensor circuit diagram and test instructions
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