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Car shakes when it accelerates over 40 mph and has a burning smell. what could this be?
my ac seems to work ok when car is moving but does not get cold when car is idle. when car is idle i can heara clicking where the fan is. temp gage also rises if i am idle and the ac is on
I was putting my car into Reverse (R) and it did not move so I put some gas. It jerked and went into R. It shifts into P, D, R smoothly but I can not shift into 1 or 2. The transmission fluid looks okay and there does not seem to be any leaking.
it happens occasionally and the code is p1160
this happened during the snowing
I have taken the car to the shop 2 times and they cant find the oil leak...Help
I have been told I need my lower front ball joint replaced and the knuckle and wheel bearing. However the car does not make the noise that is decribed on this website for wheel bearing problems. Is it required to replace the wheel bearing when replacing the ball joint?
I am being told I need to replace the bearing as well as the ball joint. I do not hear the noise describe on this website for failing bearing. So I am wondering if I need to replace that also?
Front end crash, transmission stuck in Park/fluid low. What's involved in fixing it?
heater only blows hot air thru one vent - all other vents blow cold air.
instrument lights on no clicking noise dosn't turn over
New Year's day my car wouldn't start. First time. The lights and stuff come on but the engine won't turn over. Tow driver (a mechanic) says the starter is not connecting to the bender.
Where are the lube points on a 2003 Honda CRV? Are there any?
My car makes grinding noises when I accelerate from a stop or speed up suddenly to change lanes. If I start very very gently it doesn't do it. I've been told "it's the differential" but I don't know what that means. Is it really?
Drive car in morning fine,drive car for 15 to 20 mins then come to a stop then take off no gears put it in neutral count 1,2,3,4,5 then put back in gear then goes, does this every 15 to 20 mins was told it was a sensor but not told which one please help. Thx
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