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Car blows warm air at stopped traffic lights but cold when movingy
Purchased a used CRV 2003 and the code card was not part of the purchase paperwork.
vehicle starts good just idling high n low wen i drive its good only on idle, wat can i do to fix this problem thanks..
Today the smell of raw gas at the rear drivers side door. Is there something that has come loose from the tank fill tube??
I have Honda CRV 2003 my AC is blowing hot air clutch not kicking I can turn the clutch by hand it turns no problem please help

Thank you very much
not sure wht the noise it but when u turn a corner or turn in general the sound is not there, but when u pick up speed the sound gets louder sounding like a plane. i was kinda thinking the wheel barrel but not sure...can u help or are familiar with this?
Right side electric window is not working. Fuse keeps burning out when I replace it. All other electronic windows in the vehicle works, so I don't think it is the relay. Would you know what would cause the issue?
Car driving fine. There have been several diagnositic codes noted. I heard the O2 Sensor ?#2 needed replacing. I was also told at HONDA I needed 2 heat sheilds relaced - they were rusting on the edges. I have been told that is not necc.?? Parts cost? Reality? Heat shield issue? Been Told up to 750 or 800 at Honda. As low as 300 for parts and labor at other place. Help truth. I was also told I would notice a change in the car feel, sound and gas mileage when it really needed to be done. Funny, I went over a curb and banged up 2 tires and a control arm in a freak seconds occurance and they clamped up what sounded like a heat shield. In the meantime - light went off for several days until a long distance drive.
i put reg gas in my honda crv, does not seem to matter too much a high octane, does not last
i replaced the battery and i still could not get in drivers side unless i used the actual key. He said i needed a new "whatever" and said it was $165. Picked up car and the new keyless remote still did not open drivers door. I wanted my money back - they said they could not return the keyless remote as the box was open. I didn't open it. Dealer repair men opened and said my door worked "NOW." Well - it doens't.
Now they say i need something called an actuator - and they will be more money........and and still need to make arrangements to have my car left at shop another day - get a ride etc. Dealer said they wouldn't charge me labor - but the new part is $300.......
1. Blower motor does not work on any settings. What could be wrong? Maybe just a fuse? Fuse box location?
2. Due for 120,000 service but I only use the car occasionally when needed to shop and move things as it is 3rd car -- not my primary driver. What should I REALLY do rather than what the Honda dealer wants to sell?
we checked all the fuses and they still dont work can anybody help
It was running fine all morning until 30 min ago or so... i came out of the store and in the process of leaving it just shut off. It will start for a few seconds but shuts back off.
I replace the master switch on the crv since the button got broke and now the driver side works but not the other 3 windows and even the moon roof doesn't even work. Even the keys are out you can still put the driver side up or down and I know that shouldn't happen.
(1) Would you please describe how many 'drive cycles' I need to complete; and (2) describe the actual 'drive cycle' to me. Hubby out of town and my registration has expired and I need my car!
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