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a/c condenser fan not working and compressor clutch not engaging when ac is on. Was driving and a/c started to blow hot air. when i got home i look under hood and seen that the condenser fan was not running and clutch on compressor was not engaging.There was no noises coming from from compressor.
2003 Honda CRV
Just had battery changed and radio does not work. It turns on but does not go to any stations or play ads. It does not do anything but show an error code of 5.
My Honda crv 2003 is doing hard starting after changing my Element value
Rear driver-side quarter panel, back door, and driver door panels on the outside are dented and bent from impact. Also, lost driver side mirror. Do I need to replace the panels or buy new doors? How difficult is it to do those things DIY? Do you ahve a good source for parts that will match the color of my car? It's a standard color.
Engine won't start (90% of the time) only after putting gas in my car. I need to rev the engine as I turn the ignition and keep my rpms at about 1.5 for a minute before it will stay on. I make sure my gas cap is on tightly but have also tried it a little loose on the advice of a friend- neither changes the problem. My check engine light is on.
Also, the check engine lite is on...I have about 110,000 miles on it also
I was just driving about 40mph when my CRV chugged a little and then my MIL light turned on. I thought this wasn't a big issue but I kept driving and it chugged again. Is this a serious issue?
I just had my spark plugs, air filter, cabin filter, oil and oil filter changed and two weeks later, the check engine light came on, whats next?
It doesn't happen very often but when it does the car seems to loose power and there's a burning smell coming from the engine. Smells like antifreeze.
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