2001 Honda CR-V Questions

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Changed brake light fuse 3x with 7.5 and then total meltdown I can visibly see melted wires
What is the position of the 1st cylinder on the distributer? Is it clockwise or counter clockwise? Does the 1st cylinder on the motor the one closest to the timing change.
My car it drives for 5mins then stArt stalling and slowing down then stop completely I turn the car off for 1min then it crank up and do the same thing
Idle problem
the fuel filter didn't change anything where to look next and what to look for?
I bought this car after a minor accident , No history before I bought it , however it was all minor cosmetic damage 103,000 miles , idles a little rough , installed new plugs , wires , cap , rotor , still the same , seems to clear up when RPMS get above 1300 or so , seems to run a little on hot side from under hood , but temp gauge is normal , any thoughts ?? Also want to ad no odd noises or smells , exhaust has no odor from antifreeze or smoking issue
Had 4-wheel alignment and tire rotation. Car started making a humming noise afterwards.
I ran a scan with obd11 scan tool .Ive got flashing red IM codes and a p0001 code I'm stumped
How much would a remote-start addition cost for this model and where would I go to get it done?
When the temperature drops I can be fairly certain that my check engine light will come on and remain on all winter only to go off again in the spring. I have had it checked by mechanics in the past but it still happens every year
The disgital clock has not been working for months. Probably just the fuse but I have no idea where that is located or how to change it or what part to buy.
left key on all night,it was dead next morning,bought new battery and now it just clicks at computer area,won't crank.starter relay or starter?.
Driving home and the truck just shuts off. Did a code reader and to my surprise it read FAIL. I have never seen a fail. Will turn over,and has spark?
just started-cant turn them off had to disconnect battery
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