2000 Honda CR-V Questions

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Second time this has happened in less than a month. The needle stopped first, and I had no idea how fast I was drivinghad it repaired at a cost of $400. Now this.
I just bought a 2000 CR-V that had spent its life in Texas as a basic around-town utility vehicle. It's tires are almost new but of questionable quality (Fisk Classic P205/70R15 M+S.)

Now that the car lives in Michigan, I've found that its traction is very poor in snow & wet. It can't even get up my driveway (nose first or tail first) when there's snow.

Our other cars are Audi A4 Quattros that just motor through anything within reason and have no trouble behaving solidly in the snow. Up the driveway with no drama.

I'm wondering if these tires should be replaced with better quality, or maybe my perception of how a car ought to perform in the snow is skewed because of my 15 years experience driving Quattros.


How much of the poor traction I'm experiencing is related to the Fisk tires and how much is due to my perception of good performance from the Audis?

Am I spoiled or is this normal for FWD with cheap tires?

Thanks for attempting to answer a subjective question.
these are the studs the lug nuts go on
Mine is squeeking alot, would like to replace it but wanna buy it before dismantling.
No play, no sign of any trouble.
was told it could be the cylinder on engine needs tobe replaced what cost am I looking at
blinking help
The temp guage does not go up very far and when I turn on the heater there is very little heat and the temp drops down to nothing.
A local oil change place told me that my power steering fluid needed to be replaced or bunch of bad things will happen. My car has about 120k miles and I don't recall if the power steering fluid has been changed. I am the original owner.
Recently, I have had timing belt, all other belts, water pumb, oil filter, Sensor cleaned,fuel filter changed,all done to this vehicle. Since then, it has the tendency to not start especially if the air has been on. It also tends to stall when put in forward or backward motion. But it was running ok once it gets going until yesterday it quit on me while driving. It did the same thing today, just quit on me driving down the highway. Do you have any suggestions?
Looking for instructions for the replacement of a drivers side, rear quarter window in a 2000 Honda CRV. Trying to figure out if I can do this myself. Thank you in advance.
the indicator button on the door jamb came loose - indicates ligths left on, how do I get the button out of the small round hole to fix it?
losing coolant
How much should a full front and rear brake job cost?
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