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Switch that unlocks or locks doors does not work. Have to manually unlock/ lock doors.
There is a clicking that seems to propel the car forward and it constant ever since the problem started but only when the car is stopped and set to drive. The car diagnostic tool read that it was misfiring, now the problem is worse seeing as the vehicle is not picking up speed properly, the gas pedal feels as if it is just there, when you press the pedal it doesn’t accelerate the car just seems to pick up speed to a certain point before the gas pedal has any effect or that’s what it feels like atleast. The rpm does not match the speed, it is way higher than it should be usually reading something like 5000 rpm at 30 mph.
It won't crank I turn it off the store came back out and it wouldn't crank it acts like it's out of gas and it's not spinning real fast so I know it's not the timing belt but I don't know what to do batteries fine everything else is fine
temp gauge needle goes below C when driving, esp in colder weather. at idle it stays between c and h or closer to c.
Tried new fuse
My car turns off while driving but it starts up again and as soon as i start going it shots off again
After Car Battery reconnected, cannot get any to play. On monitor screen get Code E, C1, Err 5. How can I reset / reprogram?
......... Pete
Suspension parts replaced. I don't know about the rear sps'n toe link. Car has a type of rattle while driving ie over bumps. Could worn toe links cause this
Checked all fuses fuel pump ok fuel filter ok
Back doors and rear door lock and unlock without problem using the remote. It is only the front drivers and passengers doors that do not lock or unlock with the remote. The driver's door can be locked and unlocked without problem when using the key. The front door locks appear to be stuck in place, will not go down or up with remote.
I can fill it, but I'll never know how much is inside. It runs perfectly fine but it doesn't say how much gas is in the tank.
I've taken the car to the repair shop 3 times AFTER new radiator.thrmostat, hoses and leaks repair. THEN, they did an engine test to see if that was the cause but shows no leaks, no engine issues. I've spent a fortune yet radiator stays bone dry, but coolant is up to full level.It's still overheating. I'm out of money and options. Can you help?
Manual trans, once warm, won't go into or stay in 3rd. or high under mod -heavy throttle, (as if getting onto highway) as well the throttle all but stops, lowering the RPMs. There is no grinding and if shifted under low RPMs (throttle) the vehicle will shift through the gears. ???
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