1999 Honda CR-V Questions

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The car turns on here and there but when it doesnt it just makes a click and wont rev up to start, the starter was switched and the car stays on so it shouldnt be an issue
while driving the cars just shuts off completely, we live in a city with LOTS of potholes and lots of vibration and it only happens so often.
need wheel bearing on Honda Crv how much
The car was rolling forward and was put into reverse instead neutral. Now all gears work except reverse. When you put it in reverse it sounds like gears are touch but not going in gear. How much trouble is that to repair?
I used head gasket sealant to try to fix a head gasket. Upon taking it to the shop I was told I had used too much and had clogged the engine. They suggested I replace the engine rather than just the head gasket. I could only afford head gasket and water pump, so those were replaced and the cooling system flushed. The car was returned to me and the first day it overheated going up the mountainous road to my home. I replaced the radiator and the shop said I blew the brand new gasket that had less than 75 miles. Can a brand new head gasket blow that easily, and is the shop responsible for replacing it if it did blow a second time?
Can you please forward this fix info to me as well
I understand a shop should charge a diagnostic fee if they are NOT given the job. Should there be one when they are given the repair job?
always rises with or without AC on and does not cool down ... have to pull over or sometimes turning off AC helps temporarily.
Want to learn DIY method.
Want to learn DIY methods.
I am trying to DIY repairing to save money.
I'm not sure what's going on but my check engine light came on now my friends aren't working
Ran fine one day, wouldn't start at all the next day
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