Door behind passenger seat won't open from inside tho lock stem is up and all other doors will open...I can open that door from outside

Car dealer sold me a wreaked car. Got it home and my dad wouldn't let me drive it because he found out the rear end drives sideways. Can this uni body be fixed on its own? If not can it be switched out to another cry just different year?

When engine stops, the tach surges back anf forth from 0 to max rpm for a minute or so, then stops. Sometime is there is a very faint "thud" when the tach stops surging (and this is with the engine, fan, and everything else completely off). Car usually restars after a few minutes or so, with a very mild backfire, suggesting accumulated fuel. Took to my ususaly excellent shop and they plugged in diagnostics and drove for a week and could not repete the fault. No diagnosis given. When the random engine cut out happenes the "check engine" light is on. Read various comments like this but no one mentiond the mystry tach surging or mild backfire on re-start.

I got it replaced and it has now happened a second time!!!! what destroys a distributor!? I NEED HELP

Hi I have been having ALOT of trouble with this problem for the past five months. Ever since I replaced the front right cv axle, the seal has been leaking. Initially I had the seal replaced, at a Honda dealership...twice. Did not work. Then had the seal replaced at another shop. Still leaking. Had axle replaced at Firestone. Still leaking. Had another mechanic who swore that it was the wrong axle try yet another complete axle and now it is leaking again. Differential bearings are fine, not worn. The transmission is apparently fine. DO I really just need an OEM axle??? Ive heard that maybe the Honda Cr-v can only have OEM? I am going out of my mind. Please help. Thx

It overheats when I drive more than 50kms.
There is no water leaking into the engine oil.
It has had a new radiator and water pump fitted recently

after some time, the fan comes back on if switch is turned off then turned back on

Mechanic says it has to be factory distributor. All timing is new.

win it shifts from 2 to 3rd it is like it is in neautral but only win it is wormed up win it is cold it shifts fine. no check engine light

Then to position three to start the car,it huffs and puffs and is hard to start and smell gas. replaced battery, spark plugs, plug wires,destributor pack. Engine light comes on and stays on.I took it to my macanic and we detected misfire code on three, and four cylinders. Now he,s scratching his head.Could it be the Ignition Control Switch? Miles 388,789.Note: other than this the car purrs like kitten. drives beutifally.Thank You.

He said there was oil leaking into it. but Repair Pal doesn't even show that on their Estimator list. There was an ignition switch recall years ago so he didn't think that was prob. Any idea of what it should cost parts and labor. Car would start right back up. I appreciate any comments to give me peace of mind.