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slight rattle type noise at first startup goes away after few seconds i took off a heat shield but what else could it be it has been reflashed hondata
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone could help me with this, a little while back my passenger side low beam headlight broke and I'm not sure how so since i was replacing the light i bought myself some HID's and when i was installing them the passenger side never came on. so i tried the full ballast and light on the other side and it worked so i don't know if anyone ever had this problem and could help me with it or if i'm on my own with this. thanks
Everyone I've ever met who owns an 8th gen Civic Si has experienced grinding in 2nd, 3rd or both 2nd and 3rd gears at high RPMs. Why are there no reports of this issue on this website, and why does Honda do nothing to fix it? Many of us have gone to dealerships, including myself, and usually get the standard answer: the problem could not be duplicated, therefore cannot be fixed. How can you blow off an issue like this and just say that every one who has the issue just fails to push the clutch pedal in all the way? There is no possible way that all of these drivers, across all ages/education levels/races/etc. just happen to forget to push the clutch pedal in all the way only on two specific gears on one specific car model.
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