2007 Honda Civic Si Questions

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I have the airbag light on due to passenger weight sensor. Honda would like to charge over $ 1500 to repair it.
Waiting for a RECALL>>!! too many with this problem.
I took the car for a test drive. It operates perfectly and has a full brake pedal. I bleed all four brake lines and made sure the fluid reservoir was full during the process. The reservoir is still full.

Thank you for your help!!!

The ac doesn't work, and the odometer is 130k. Is it because of my car is old? Also how much would it cost me to repair or replace it? Thank you!
80 chars killed me. I replaced the battery and now, when I turn on the head lights, the dash lights go dim. There are no indicator lights on. I have the CarMax warranty, but they don't answer their phones. Where else can I go that is covered by their warranty?
My car has issues starting. When I turn on the ignition, the lights turn on in the dash, it crank a couple times, but does not start. I will wait a few seconds, and try again, until it starts. This will happen at least once a week. It can happen on a cold start and even after i drove for a bit. I replaced the battery a few weeks ago and cleaned the battery terminals. My next guess is change the spark plugs and fuel filter? I dont know. Please help. Thanks
I went to change my oil in my 2007 Honda Civic Si and when I took off the oil cap the inner ring of cap was melted? Does anyone have any clue why? has anyone experienced this before? Is it major
I'm installing a performance chip and I'm not sure where the IAT sensor is located.
timing belt or chain?

I recently had my front struts replaced under warranty by Honda. Right after the replacement, I lost 4-5 MPG or 1.5L/100km per tank. I have been driving the car for 3 years and have always had consistent fuel efficiency in which I keep track. So the difference is directly related to the replacement. However, I cannot figure out why and brought it back to Honda and they deny that it has anything to do with fuel efficiency. This is driving me crazy as I bought the car originally to have good fuel efficiency.

Any ideas??? Thanks in advance!
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