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At warm weather the cooling system has periods of warm and cold air. It gets warm mainly when the car stops. But even when moving we get about 30s of warm air coming in instead of cool air.
ok my car has following v2 intake dc header hks exhaust STOCK CAT and o2 sensors bc cams duel springs apexi neo afc for fuel control to not run lean with cams. kpro will be here next wk. ok i get those codes it killed my battery i replaced bat n it still throws these codes. dyno says im not running rich or lean however code says yes, yesterday exhaust felt loader n a lil more vibration under my seat area i dont think eld is bad i dont. what can anyone help me with i think my cat is goin bad it has 107k on it and with increased exhaust flow due to cam upgrade i think its backing up n over heating causing the rich code. this causing the eld code thus alt over charging etc. sounds good right lol? what does sparky think? the car had valve adjustment r runs smooth n dynoed optimal not rich. also with the exhaust feeling loader etc the car felt a lil held back and thats when my cel came back on with said codes after i changed battery clearing the codes plz help ty. erik
What type/brand of catalytic converter does Honda Civic Si 2l 2003 use?
Problem with daytime running/parking lights fuse keeps blowing, changed them 3times this month and keeps going now they just blow as soon as I turn them on. There's no splicing or anything on the wires, completely stock, also the dash lights are out to.
am trying to find the iac so i can replace it
i have a problem with the malfunction indicator light. it goes on and off, i read in the maual that it could just be the fuel cap so i tried it and it went away for awhile and now it just came on again. should i take it to the honda dealership?
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