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I was driving the other day and my clutch was making a whining noise when it was engaged and it will stop when disengage all of the sudden I hear a big snap and a big rumbling noise and my clutch was loose what's wrong with my car? Do I need a new clutch ?
I need help! This is the 2nd time my right headlight died on me and I just changed the HIDs 3 weeks ago. I checked to see if probably it might have been something with the wiring but I commected my left hid that does work to the right side and it worked. The same problem occurred the first time that's why I bought new hids and thought that was the problem but apparently not. please if I can get some ideas or help would really appreciate it
inside of windows have ice on cold mornings
Driving along and my temperature gauge rises to hot. Sometimes it the temp. will drop on the gauge, some times it won't.
engine usually starts quickly
Anyone know how to disarm?
The vehicle is a manual. With the clutch pushed in it will crank, but when you put it in gear and try to take off it will stall and die
The red open window light on my dash flashes on and off continually. I had to switch the rear trunk light off to keep the light from being on continually. I can unlock the car with my key button but I must lock the car with the key on the driver side to lock the car.
What would cause a cat converter to go bad on a well maintained, 110,000 mile vehicle?
Took to indepedent shop,ran test,stated probably the catalytic converter...and maybe an induction service could solve the problem,but unfortunately he couldn't do it and recommended a dealer. The problem he said would be the dealer would rather sell a converter than do an induction service. $$$$ Is there an alternative route?
My steering wheel does not lock when I take out the key. Also the steering wheel feels too smooth than the usual when i driving it.Also when i turn the right the wheel it makes a sound under the fender,but it does it ones in a while.
Has anyone had a problem with the Airbag 'SRS' light coming up?
all fuses are good got power to motor (12v)when turn fan on theres a buzz then click at motor as its trying to turn.
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