1994 Honda Civic Si Questions

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key will lock and open driver's side door
I drive a 94 Honda Civic Si Hatchback manual 1.6 V-tec. The engine is fine when cold. When it warms up a bit and sometimes when I push the accelerator to 3k+rpm while driving, it would bog or stutter or whatever you call it. I also have random idle drops and whenever I turn on any eletrical component like ac,headlights,radiator fan, and etc., the idle drops. The car also seems to be running rich as spark plugs become black pretty quick within a week with new plugs. Idle also revs to 2-3krpm while pumping brake pedal. I have changed my Fuel filter, Airfilter, Battery, Spark plugs/wires(NGK), whole new Distributor(NAPA), Coolant Temp Sensor(Honda), 2 Idle Control Valve(Junk), Air Temp Sensor(Honda), did a Coolant Flush, changed my fuel rail/injectors to known working ones, timing belt and water pump just done 1 year ago only. I am totally stuck, someone dare to have an answer or have come across this problem?
when i get on the freeway, at 60 miles per hour
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