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Hi friends I need some help here. I have a 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid. A year ago during the winter when it started to get cold out I noticed the remote unlock on my key started to work less and less. I thought it was the battery in the remote key but about a month later when it was very cold the standard battery (not the charge battery for the hybrid) needed to be replaced. After that, the remote key worked fine.

Fast forward to today. As the cold started in about a month ago the same symptoms with my remote key started up again. On the coldest day about a week ago suddenly the VSA/ABS/Power Steering lights all came on. After about a day of that the battery on my car would just die. I needed to start jumping the car. After every jump all of those lights would come on. When parked and turned off, under the hood, passenger side, near the front bumper was making a whirring sound. This tapped whatever charge the battery had and in the morning the car would be completely dead requiring a new jump.

I took the car to the mechanic yesterday, who said the whirring sound after the car is turned off is the ABS pump. The mechanic removed the ABS pump in hopes it can be replaced, however now I do not have a working car.

Please, good advice and insight is needed. Help?
Went thru 113 degree desert with hot air only
former flood car, Had 6 miles on it when purchased, suspect a short somewhere, how do I trouble shoot? car gets better than 44 mpg consistently battery shows charging and will fully charge when driving so IMA appears to be working. Can turn A/C off and restart car and IMA light will stay off, but comes back on as soon as A/C turned on. Any suggestions?
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