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trying to find out if the AC compressor is belt-driven or electric-driven in my 2006 honda civic hybrid...
I have a 2011 catalytic converter and my 2006 Honda civic hybrid needs one I was wondering if I can replace it with it?
12 volt battery not charging only red battery light on other battery is chargind up
After turning on my car in the morning, there is a tiny click sound then the chk/ima/battery lights come on. After driving for sometime and turning the car off, then on, the ima/ battery lights go off. The car runs ok till the next day.
In theaat 6 months, I have replaced my IMA battery, the catalytic converter, engine battery, and the egr valve. The check engine light still never quit and the IMA light came back on the same day. Codes indicate that all replaced items were faulty. I've had it back in the dealership 7 times, and they finally decided to replace the IMA again. I repeatedly asked if it could be a comouter error, they said no, there was no code indicating an error, but no matter what we did, these codes kept coming up. The day i took it in to have the battery replaced a second time, the heat stopped working and the car overheated badly, causing the radiator to require replacement as well as other issues. They said the PCM went bad and failed to operate the cooling fan. They had to manually test the computer to find out it was bad, so I'm wondering if the comouter may have been the problem all along. Does any one have any idea?
how to repeir ima codes p1570 ???
It doesn't happen right away about 15 minutes of driving
I replaced a dead engine battery and the car started twice successfully. Then I left it in my garage overnight. In the morning I turn the key and it is completely unresponsive. Tried jumping it just in case, but that did nothing.

The only thing I can think of is that I entered the radio code wrong 3x, but surely that doesn't shut the car down? Help please.
I have a new battery, I charged it, It will start the car, I read the voltage at 12 volts, over night the voltage drops to 8 volts and will not crank the car. If I charge the battery then disconnect the negative side and the next morning re connect the negative side the battery is 12 volts and will start the car; I can drive the car shut it off re-start the car all day fine. Can anyone help?
My battery light is on(red, square box). My car is not charging or assisting.
From what I have read the car has what is called DUAL SCROLL AC. Normally the electric battery runs the AC but when it gets really hot outside calling for more AC the system switches from electric to belt driven AC. What seems to me to be happening is when the car switches to belt driven AC it stops blowing cold.

This has happened a few times when it was 90 degrees or hotter out and happened in the middle of the dead heat. But earlier in the day and later in the night the AC worked fine on the same days.

Primarily I noticed this in idle or at low speed in stop and go traffic, then when I went on the highway it worked again. If in idle if I revved the engine it would somewhat cool but not at top performance and because I was driving downtown in stop and go traffic it was not a big help.

Any ideas what would cause this?
i am replacing the timing chain on my 2006 civic hybrid and would like know the marks so i can do this right
I change plugs . Whats next?
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