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I need to go to California and I have to drive the car is losing oil somewhere
My Charge/Assist and battery level indicator lights quit working about 3 weeks ago. I purchased a hybrid battery that was reconditioned and supposed to only have apx 30k miles on it. I have installed the new hybrid battery as well as replaced the 12v battery but I still cant get the IMA system to charge the hybrid battery or get the Charge/Assist, battery level lights to come on. Also, my auto stop does not work now. I have also installed a hybrid grid charger and charged the battery. Not sure what else to check/replace.
a and they want to replace the battery pack for $4500. They also told me a mechanic would buy the car for $1,000. The car is in great shape and only 48000 miles on it. Should we sell it to the mechanic and never buy a honda again?
My IMA light and check engine light are on. The assist/charge and auto stop are no longer working. The battery light flashes from time to time as well. I went to autozone today and they said my battery is fine. I got a long list of codes and dont know if this is worth fixing or not. Any help as to what to do next.
Hi... Is replacing AC Compressor on Civic Hybrid is bit complex than other cars?
Should i look for specialized mechanics to get it done.

Kindly share your thoughts.
Im getting a rattling noise from my car engine and when checked with some mechanics they told that my A\C compressor needs to be replaced and will cost around 800-1000$.

Just wanted to check how can i proceed
was told transmission clutch needs replacing. need a quote.
One mechanic states new battery module needed a Dorman 2789 + 241 installation. Another states its faulty connector to Motor Control Module (MCM) or bad MCM. Who do I believe or is it time to scrape this car?
I have been told my motor control module and my ima motor sensor are not working and need replaced. I was told the transmission needs to be taken out to do this. Can anyone confirm this would be the case? I just put a new IMA battery in car because light was on, no assist or auto stop and my 12 volt battery is not recharging. I am just looking for some confirmation as this seems to be an extremely expensive fix and I have already put so much money in this car.
just happened, cleared haven't driven it yet...
IMA & check engine lt on; code = electric battery failure. However, no symptoms of battery failure as when 1st battery failed. Charging fine, holding charge fine. Only symptom is auto stop feature not working most of the time. Could it be another problem other than battery failure? Lt has been on for about 6 months+.
Does anbody know how to get rid of that IMA light without replacing the battery pack?I tried removing to 12volt battery terminals and putting them bk on but that light eventually came bk. Please help thank you

I bought this car in March. IMA and Check Engine light was on. Had diagnostic done at Honda asap. They said the only issue was the 12v. So I replaced it. Tech said there wasnt any communication found with the IMA system. So they didnt know why the light was on. So they did a software update. Lights were off for about 100 or so miles. Then came back on. Then a lil more time goes by, it would turn back. For the last few months, the lights would come on and just go off. The times it came on, it was raining. Ive noticed the light recently came back on when it was humid and raining. It hasnt turned off then. And its been over a month. Im trying to sell it now. I went to Autozone and the codes they pulled are P1149, P1420 and P1600. Ive done some research about these codes online, But still dont know what to do. Thank You in advance.
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