1994 Honda Civic del Sol Questions

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all gear work fine on my manual tranny
Drive it a bit then the engine will rev up and car wont move, let it cool down car will move again then is does same thing all over again. M24a trans
Any help you could give me on a fix that I could get now would be most useful. Thanks
car from CA - never rains - moved to PA car drove 1st time in rain & stalled out at end of drive -smelled burned electrical smell coming from ecu passengers side - car leaking water in car onto ecu & burned hole in green circuit board, further found hood no liner $ rubber strips tacked on no glue water pouring onto engine. Replaced ecu,main relay,rotor/cap,fuel filter,still won't start. rpm gauge doesnt move while cranking & a/t gear select stuck in park w/ key on. I have properly installed hood liner & weatherstripping. Any info on what else may have been damaged when ecu burned up that would cause car to crank but not start,and produce no check engine light or obdi1 codes would be great. I am disabled on ssdi income and cannot afford to take to shop or esp the Honda dealer, my brother and I are trying to repair ourselves which is not going too well. Thanks!
My (SRS) supplemental restraint light came on immediately after having a new battery installed and it has stayed on constantly since then. The Honda dealer states that this means my airbags will not function and the control unit needs to be replaced. I have no problem in not having airbags. However, could this mean that they might inflate without notice and unnecessarily?

The dealer states that this will be a significant expense to repair since the dash will need to be removed. I only use the car around town and drive less than 2000 miles a year.
I replaced my Y21 transmission due to the fact a bearing shattered. I bought another one same tranny code and placed it but none of the gears would go in.. It's exactly what happened when my other one went out and no gears would go in.. What is the problem? Any insight would be greatly appreciated
should I replace or consider rebuilding and replace the bearings?
i cant shift gears and the through out arm has little travle left
i have change the water pump and temp guge and it still over heats
I live in Florida. Very humid. Car has 150,000 miles on it. Once the vehicle has been sitting over night or a few hours it cranks for a long period of time. Once the engine turns over it sputters and I smell raw gasoline, some smoke. I have to keep pressure on the accelerator to keep the car running or it dies. Once the engine "clears" it runs fine, shifts smoothly, idles steady. The car has had a recent tune-up: new spark plug wires / plugs, oil change, new distributor.
how do I replace the window stops on the passenger side of the stops has snapped in two and the window goes up too far now and leaks...also someone tried to break into my car and the driver side door handle now just flaps ..I have to keep window down or go through passenger side to open the drivers side door
Nose and hood crushed in rear end accident. How replace hood?
one of my pistons went out I want to know how much should it cost to fix,and is there alot to fixing it.
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