1993 Honda Civic del Sol Questions

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The car headlight and dash lights will get bright. At the same time the heater fan will run faster. Then they all go back to normal. it even blew out a headlight the other day. Is this most likely the alternator or is it a grounding issue?
I have a 93 Honda Del Sol with automatic transmission. When braking and only braking there is a hard shit from 2nd to 1st gear. I replaced the shift solenoid but it was from a 95 civic. Starting to get frustrated please help I can't tell if my fluid level is correct do I check with car on or off
Broken hood latch and cable
I have had two 1993 Del Sol S one a standard, the next one auto.
Had this problem with both.
The car will not start, it is not the battery.

Is this common for 1993 Del Sol or all Del Sols?
What is the problem?

Car cranks but won't turn over not getting any fire from spark plug wire
alarm control system is not starting my car..what should I do to start my car/how can I disable the alarm?...
What can I do to fix it?
I don't know why, but the radio won't work. I thought it was my previous radio, but I guess not. What can the problem be, checked under dash didn't find a 23 fuse checked in my engine fuses aren't blown either. If its a wire that blew or shorted, where do I go to get it fixed or what to buy to fix it myself. please let me know. It sucks with no radio.
Hey have a 1993 del sol si turbo my corner lights the drivers side stays on when I turn on my lights the passenger side doesn't not but the passenger signal works fine? Any suggestions or advice for me to get it to work, hard wiring? All the wiring looks fine as well not ripped split or anything my car is very clean, kinda bugging me have to see it at night all the time please help!!! Thanks guys
need a step by step guide as to how to reassemble my automatic rootop for my Honda Del Sol 1993.
I am trying to get my automatic rooftop to function. The electrician is getting 10 flashes on the computer curcuit located in the trunk.First the hydrulic system is activated the trunk is raised then the arm goes out and connects to the roof and retracts, but does not go all the way in this is when you look at the circuit board you see a red light it flashes 10 times.The trunk also does not lock automatic.
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