Q: honda civic vx speedo problem on 1992 Honda Civic

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Hi, can anyone suggest what I can do or check next? My speedo and odometer haven't worked since I bought the car one year ago. Other than that the car is great. I replaced the vss didn't solve the problem.
(1) Answer
There are several factors here that need to be taken into consideration. The first issue is the transmission. This is where the signal is first generated. There could be a mechanical issue where the signal is not getting to the VSS. The next issue is the VSS. Is it generating the correct signal? You will need a meter to check for a pulse. The next issue is weather the speedometer is getting the signal so you will need to check for the pulse at the connector speedometer. Then you will need to verify that the speedometer is processing the signal correctly. A good electrical meter and an electronic troubleshooting manual along with electrical knowledge will be needed to diagnose the problem.