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Q: Honda Civic LX 1999 Check Engine Light On on 1999 Honda Civic

My Civic has about 150,000 miles on it. I have had no problems with the car until my last move. The check engine light has decided to "grace" me with its presence.

I have taken it to a handful of different shops and they are either clueless or tell me "it's a complex problem" (they have to try this and that, if those don't work, then they need to do this...etc). I have spent so much money on these so called solutions and the darn light still appears! It seems like each time I have someone work on my car, more little issues come about.

The last person I took it to (I took it to this guy because he said he would look at it for free), checked the code and he said that my car's gas tank likely has a crack on the top of it?? He said it was very common for Honda Civic 1999's to have this problem.
He basically told me that it would cost a lot for me to replace my gas tank and to not worry about the issue unless I start to see gas leaking! In addition, he also said the price of work that would have to be done may outweigh the actual value of the car :(

Anyone else with a check engine light and a Honda Civic LX 1999 received this diagnosis?

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On the repair order is it noted what trouble codes were found? The code will read something like P0420. If you know what the codes are we can help give you advice.
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This is a code that occurs on these Civics that fellows hate looking for. Many dealer technicians seem to think it is aggravated by topping off or over filling the gas tank once the gas nozzle automatically shuts off. The evap system/gas tank needs to be thoroughly checked for any leaks (leaks that allow gas out are obvious leaks that allow air in are the ones that you are looking for).
Gasoline in the bypass solenoid valve will cause the valve to fail it is near the charcoal canister it has a high failure rate as does the canister vent shut valve in the engine compartment.
To save diagnostic time the Honda dealer may in the long run be the quickest to fix this problem. They have definitely seen this problem before, (I believe there is a technical service bulletin about this code) and there Honda scan tool has bidirectional controls to test the system properly..
Have-an ex civic was idling and yellow engine light came on! No probs with car . Same gas for a week, last filled up the tank and still 1/2 tank this is the same gas for going on second week. Was tuned over summer yikes I have o $ to fiix , any ideas? How much is a scan? Thank you! Roxy253@ comcast .net
my email is oduro_kwame@yahoo com
sent me code . and year ,name of car, car inf . if u can call me 630-803-8961
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