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Can I have a 4-Cyl, i-VTEC, 2.4 Liter motor put in a lesser model Honda Civic? And how much does such modification cost? I live in Phoenix AZ area. I'm looking at a cheap Civic, so I'm figuring it's smaller motor. Can the big motor be put in it?
front end and back making a lot of noise especially when driving over bumps
What is a fair price for standard 30,000 mile maintenance (B2 code on dashboard) on Honda Civic in San Diego area?
I have a 2015 Honda Civic lx coupe, and it has bolt on wheel covers. Can I just put the bolts on the sterile without the bolt on wheel cover, and then buy replacement non bolt on wheel covers?
When my engine is cold, I put the car in reverse with brake on, it vibrates really bad. When I let off the brake it idles normal. Only does in reverse and when engine is cold. Motor mounts are ok.
Deep scratches not sure if plastic or medal on right rear exterior in front of wheel and under rear door on right side
after installing after market speakers in my car i can recieve calls through bluetooth but no sound or ringtone comes through the speakers. Why?
Husband took radio out to connect to the stock radio. After putting everything back together the emissions light and air bag error light came on. Now car wont crank. He took everything back apart and disconnected all the wires but car still won't crank. What could it be?
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