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I have not manual (((
My "menu" and "i" button are not doing anything. I had a service due soon warning and now a service due om the screen as well as a low tire alarm. Nothing will reset now. My cruise, and radio controls all work fine. Called dealer and they said they've never heard of it.. it's driving me nuts. Can't see fiel economy or anything now. It's like those 2 buttons quit functioning. Any help is greatly appreciated
I bought four Michelin tires at Honda because I travel cross-country a lot.
Tire pressure light goes on whenever the outside temp goes down,
say from 60 degree F. to 29 degrees F.
Is there any way to avoid this?
2014 Honda Civic won’t start. Dash lights come on but only hear clicking when the key is turned. Tried jumping w/ no successful.
The stock plastic arm on my 2014 Civic looks a lot more sturdy than the complete replacement arms sold at auto parts stores. And it's obviously only the rubber insert that wears. Thanks for your help.
When I start the engine it starts rough and when I'm driving in any gear(cvt) transmission the entire car begins to vibrate really badly, I changed the spark plugs, cleaned the mass airflow intake sensor and the throttle body, oil used is 0w-20 for now with 64k on it. I noticed when I go down a hill a put it in neutral it smooths out completely. I will admit I was overdue for an oil change by 10000 miles but even before getting it changed no vibrations until aftewards. I also recently changed the tranny fluid as well, I can't figure this out for the life of me. I know there are many causes to this but can you possibly narrow it down ? Any help is appreciated, thanks
I have aprox 55 dents on my hood, roof and trunk from acorns. (very noticable, like hail damage $580 worth of damage) I have parked him my driveway for over 7 years and NONE of my cars have recieved even A Dent. Its obvious this car is made out of soft/thin metal! I think Honda should be liable due to it being a manufacture defect...why should i be responsible for a poorly made car? Anyone else with the same issue?
Honda Civic LX Sedan - 2014: Is it possible to remove bottom of rear/back seat for installing car seat covers

Body for Honda Civic Brake makes squeaky noise
Body for Honda Civic Brake makes squeaky noise
this car was recently in an accident that caused the air bag to deploy, we installed the new ones and figured it'd reset on its own after installation that wasn't the case maybe we missed something?
There is a rotating knob thing which you turn to align with the ON and OFF positions;; however, there is no indicator line whatsoever on the rotating thing that aligns with the ON and OFF positions. The directions in the owner's manual are useless.
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