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I am hearing this quiet hum as I drive as well as when I take my foot off the gas and decelerate with or without the brakes engaged. I do not notice any difference in sound with the turning of the wheel and have not noticed any issue with acceleration. Is this a natural hum or should I be concerned? It sounds different than the natural acceleration sound.
ive replave the bulbs but i dont know whats the next step to diagnose the problem. please i need some help
would not crank over even though battery was good ?
Starts up and when shut off it won't start again so far it happen twice.. key turns but engine won't come on.. the Honda dealership check the battery, starter and alternator.. a intermittently short some where. The dash lights also flicker at night while traveling.. this was noticed after the car was purchased and yet the dealership claims there's no problem..
My srs keeps the seat belt lite on I want to get an estimat on the cost to repair the srs problem
Can I use my GPS on my phone and still connect it to the car through Bluetooth? Thanks
I barely got it less then a week
Where can I go to get this fixed and how much would this cost?
Never happens with a/c off. Drives great. And not every single time but more often than not. Also, decreased power and not as smooth driving. One might expect a bit of decreased power when the a/c is running, but this is substantial, and it drives "heavier". Can you help please?
5 speed manual, 2013 Honda Civic, 85,000 miles. Started approximately 120 times/week for the past 6 months...started approximately 70 times a week from new to 6 months ago.
I have a brand new 2013 civic sedan and every now and then my car won't start it will be perfectly fine until I turn the key then it won't start and I have somebody jump the car and it starts upand now it's doing it more frequently I check the battery starter and the ignition and they're all good and I have power to the car but the engine won't kick over .
I went to leave for work today and the emissions light came on. It is very cold out so figured it was something with that. Then the Power Steering and VSA lights went on shortly after that. First can I drive it to work tomorrow about 15 miles. It is going to be very cold -15 temp. I will leave work to go to the dealership to get it checked out.

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