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I tried using the shift lock to move the gear and even on moving the gear all the way from park to 1 the meter still shows its on neutral. And also it starts in neutral and doesnt shift. Please help.
Driving around all day - car is fine - stop go to store - come back out and car won't start - several attempts - no luck - 15 mins later - and it starts ? Battery a year old. What is wrong ?
My car's air conditioning worked great. I could keep the dial on the first or second tick. However, when it got hotter than 105 degrees outside the air blowing wasn't as cold. When I went in to have it checked at a repair place, they told me it was totally empty of freon. Is it possible to get cold air with no freon? I suspect that they drained the freon. They wanted to charge me a lot of money to repair it and replace the freon. I'd like some other opinions, please. I didn't have them do the work saying I wanted a second price quote. My car blew warm air all the way home. I was drenched with sweat. I strongly suspect they released the freon in the car to hike up the price.
Ainti theft is on what is the code
I am wanting to replace the driver side window motor on my 09 civic lx coupe. I want to make sure that I have right part number
The Honda Civic 2009 sedan drags and consume fuel.It drags more with AC switched on.I prefer switching off the AC for better movement but fuel consumption is in both cases.
It drags the more if the AC is switched on.So i prefer switching off the AC for a better free movement.But it consumes fuel in both cases.
was jump starting car but would not start put new battery in and is starting fine why will the blower and mirrow not work
last week had my 09 Civic inspected and washed. They sprayed air freshener in my cabin filter. On the way home noticed the A/C was blowing cool not cold and A/C Max was not working at all. The Refrigerant check out to be in the very good range. Could it be the cabin filter causing this problem? Need advise!
Is there a timing belt or chain? and at what point should it be replaced?
Is it the same as an engine drive belt?
First the check fuel cap light would come on. I would tighten it and it would stop for awhile. Than the malfunction indicator light started coming on. Now car won't start at all. Not even a click in the ignition. My husband checked the battery it's ok.
Leak test was run, in a leak was detected on the passenger side. tis problem occurred right after the alternator fail. a yellow smoked came out the engine while we were driving.
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