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I was told that system may be contaminated and just replacing compressor may lead to a new compressor going bad again
Honda civic 2008 have a. Bribration in the motor
I have noticed a problem with my car making a very loud chirping noise on the drivers side when I have my foot on the brake. When I let my foot of the brake and am moving the noise stops. I recently had the engine block replaced, (under a recall warranty), and also the radiator was replaced last year. Any thoughts?
Hi, Just bought a honda civic s type 08 37000mils on clock
When driving and coming to a stop I can here a clunk coming from the passenger side of the car also when I park the car and shift the gears from neutral to reverse the gear box clunk could this be a gearbox problem?
backup lights work sometime
The noise sounds like under passenger floor boards. When engine reaches operating temperature sounds goes away. Also does make much noise outside the car on in the cabin.
I have a Honda Civic 2008
the main fan motor fuse (30A) keeps on blowing every time I replace
now am driving with this blown fuse and AC is not working and I dont know what to do
does the timming chain need replacement at 60,000 mi ?
They told me that the computer was not ready to look for the driving cycle to reset it.
The shop (a dealership) where I usually took my car to told me my car is leaking power steering fluid and gave me an estimate that is just too high. I have doubts about the claim and also from previous experience, I just don't trust their expertise 100%. First I add power steering fluid to full and then check the level in the reservoir every week to see if the level has fallen. The check is done every Saturday morning before the car was started.
I did notice a very slow decrease over the course of about 6 weeks.

Can that be the verification that the power steering fluid is indeed leaking ?

My car was in a front end accident it's been determined after my persistence of something still wrong with my car it was finally determined that this accident bent the right driver side coil spring. Insurance only wants to repair just the one bent but I saw somewhere it's best to change both. Is this true? Or by only changing one will it have no effect on the spring which is being changed?? Please Help
My car was in a front end accident I'm trying to figure out is this the reason why my coil spring is bent or are there other ways of this happening???
recently my civic 08cuoupe starts showing engine light since then its burning too much gas. it took it to auto zone i got this code p0171 bank1 system too lean. i really done know what to do? i need to fix engine light and solve gas burning problem whats the best way????
all other instrument lights are working including all parking ,low and high beams and interior dome and visor lights, the car is bought used at 36010 miles , I have put 7,241 miles on it. mileage 43,251, it is in good shape and has not had any single problems since off the lot seven months ago. is this a fuse or light bulb issue? or is their something wrong with my transmission the tranny seems to shift and run just fine.... where can I see a diagram to initiate the electrical repair if is so?
There is one broken tail light that needs to be replaced and a small scrape/dent directly below on one side. How much, including labor, will this cost?
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