2008 Honda Civic Questions

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I was rear ended, however Honda states not probable, so ins will not cover. only 57k mi, Honda's policy on wear mileage and tear vs warranty sucks 5 yr, car is 2008
No lights came on and was not overheated temp was normal so unsure of would could be maybe sensor or fuel pump?? Any advice
doors do not automatically lock - but constantly click while I'm driving as if they are trying to. Also - unable to use key fob to unlock - have to insert key.
All the lights come on but it won't turnover. It acts like its going to but nothing. Could it be the starter or is it something else? It wouldn't start when I hot ready to leave work got lunch 3 weeks ago. I had to have it towed home. My son bought a new battery and it still won't start.
I was told by a mechanic that the middle mount doesn't respond to the computer, that it needs to be replaced, and in order to get to the middle one, the upper and the lower ones need to be taken out, so it will cost a total of $850. I thought it is too expensive. I live in a Chicago suburb.
Weak battery or Starter?
I was told that system may be contaminated and just replacing compressor may lead to a new compressor going bad again
Honda civic 2008 have a. Bribration in the motor
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