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I bought the car used and there was a shorter belt used to bypass the AC compressor. I replaced the compressor and using an OE fit belt it was loose, tried other brands and same thing. I realized that the pulley in the back is a lot smaller then the one in the routing diagram I believe they put a smaller one to accommodate the shorter belt. Should I get this pulley replaced or try to find a belt that will fit? I can't seem to find what part exactly is needed to replace it.

Changed 80a fuse. 30A is blown & will be changing it tomorrow. . Should this fix the issue? . . My son joined the military & all I am trying to do is sell it to make his $ back for him.

In August I had a/c compressor repaired because my a/c was going on and off and would blow hot and cold air. Just had starter replaced two days ago because had trouble starting car and the heat and a/c stopped working. Do you think it's an electrical problem?

I have recently had the motor mounts all replaced due to rattling but now I have another problem. When I put my foot on the gas & then when I take it off the gas, there is this weird clunking noise. It's sounds mainly on the passenger side. It also seems connected to the fact that when I hit a small bump, the driver side has no effect but the passenger side seems to get hit harder by it.

I had the fuel pump assembly replaced couple of months ago, New Ignition coils, New spark plugs and new Air filter.

Recently I had my motor done via recall. I was looking at my tires, and glances over on the passanger side. There are 2 bolts missing. The look to be from the subframe to oil pan. I can't find any part info. Please help.

Bought car used with 137k miles. Looks to be well cared for.

The air conditioning will stop blowing cold air, then sometimes, come back on. Or, when that happens if I switch between Max AC and reg AC, it will come back on.

My key broke and I don't have a spare

Buy the parts and do it myself

I have had the battery checked and the altenator is good because when I get a jump it stays charged for a while. Then when it sits it does again. It starts instantly after I get a jump though. Idk what's wrong with it.

I was rear ended, however Honda states not probable, so ins will not cover. only 57k mi, Honda's policy on wear mileage and tear vs warranty sucks 5 yr, car is 2008