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This problem started to happen about 2 weeks ago after I swapped out my starter it was good for about 3 days then I felt it lose power and then it stalled on me when i came to a stop and i tried to accelerate it shut off like if it choking. Then my check engine light came on so I scanned the code and it came up as a bad mass airflow sensor so I swapped it out but I'm still getting the same problem.
2008 Honda Civic Coupe EX. Recently installed a new battery and alternator. Recently the car randomly will crank but not start. I will wait a few minutes and try again and it will start. Yesterday, it finally did not start at all and after several attempts with no start I had my car towed. After some brief research I believe it is either the ignition switch, starter relay or starter. Any ideas?
Loose unstable steering at high speed. I replaced the front suspension damper/shocks, springs, new tires, and 4 wheel tire alignment. The car still has Loose unstable steering at high speed above 60 mph. Possibly needs the steer rack adjusted or sway bar adjusted/replaced or control arms replaced. Any ideas?
I started noticing my transmission is a little jumping in stop and go traffic. Also if I floor the accelarate form zero to 80, sometimes the transmission gets stuck in four gear too long. I maintain my vehicle, change the ATF fluid every 20,000 miles and engine oil every 5,000 miles. I replace the passenger side engine mount with no effect. I have no service alerts regarding any issue including the shift solenoid. Any ideas what could be happening.
My Honda civic is of 2008 year make, IMA light is on , I have one Honda civic hybrid make 2008, if IMA battery is completely down means doesn't get charged , will my car be still be running without IMA dead battery ?
Recommend or repair pal approved near lake worth tx
How much does it cost to fix one door
I replaced ecm with new one had Honda program keys I drove 800 miles car started acting funny I took it to mechanic and he says ecm wire that connects to coal e vap is low voltage and fact that it sarts but no gas when pedal pressed or movement in rpms two ther codes leads him to ecm replacement but I just replaced what can cause this cars not beat it's at 122000 miles oil changed every 3000 100000 mile tuning belts replaced when needed very well taken care of car makes no sense could there be another issue
Have changed battery,alternator car will set for 2 days and battery will be dead other times can go for weeks with no problems
Hi, I have a 2008 honda civic. My power steering pump has a leak and was low on fluid so my dad put fluid in it. I just realized that the fluid he put in states "not for use in hondas" written on the back. I will be replacing the pump in about two weeks but I was wondering if I should go flush out the fluid and put the honda one in it or if I can wait for the two weeks? Will waiting cause anymore damage? Thank you. w
would buzz when turning the key, then after a pause and try again would start up normally
now buzzing and will not start, battery fully charged
I need radio code
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Pod new battery
How long have you had this problem? 3 day
I bought the car used and there was a shorter belt used to bypass the AC compressor. I replaced the compressor and using an OE fit belt it was loose, tried other brands and same thing. I realized that the pulley in the back is a lot smaller then the one in the routing diagram I believe they put a smaller one to accommodate the shorter belt. Should I get this pulley replaced or try to find a belt that will fit? I can't seem to find what part exactly is needed to replace it.
Changed 80a fuse. 30A is blown & will be changing it tomorrow. . Should this fix the issue? . . My son joined the military & all I am trying to do is sell it to make his $ back for him.
In August I had a/c compressor repaired because my a/c was going on and off and would blow hot and cold air. Just had starter replaced two days ago because had trouble starting car and the heat and a/c stopped working. Do you think it's an electrical problem?
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