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Want to replace damaged hubcaps
Battery light comes on and check engine light comes on. But car won't move so I have to restart the car to get back in motion.
I got the serial number.but i can't find the code.please help me to work radio.
Serial number is U3002 L4433
Honda civic fd 2007
I was parked in a parking lot. on a flat surface and it rolled forward like it was still in the drive position.
2007 Honda Civic, 250,000 miles, corroded positive battery terminal, sometimes starts right away, other times have to try a few times. Auto part store said battery/starter/alternator looked good on meter. Its starting to take longer to start.
replaced passenger with the 36 when I drive and turn leaks from driver before I touched it replaced driver seal and shaft still leaks cv 36 inch is too short its 42 in for some reason
Should I change the coils as well,or is it something to do with front end? What could that be?
so car needs it or wears tires Is it needed?price?
My lights and blinkers stopped working and for a while I could get them to work if I played w the key in the ignition while engine running. now that doesn't work.
Unlock code for radio
I have replaced the following in my car and the AC still does not work

* AC Compressor
* AC Evaporator
*AC Condenser
* expansion valve
* AC Relay
* Refilled Freon

The AC pressures seem fine. There are also no leaks from the information that I have gathered. My AC system still does not blow cold air despite the above fixes. Can you please suggest what else I can do.

i hooked a omz converter to my factory stereo every thing was fine till it stoped working i have found a fuse blowen and a cut in a tucked wire if i replace this will sound come back stereo has power but no sound lights but no whistle HELP PLERASE!!!
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